Hiring Report:

What compliance challenges are HR professionals facing and how are they changing their background screening programs to keep up?


Explore the future of hiring and background screening according to HR professionals and job seekers.

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Do You Have Trust in Your Hiring Process?

1,200 HR professionals and 3,700 recent job seekers shared their thoughts on the state of hiring and background screening, including compliance challenges. Our report explores what's driving the trends, where opportunities exist to increase trust in your processes, and what the future may hold for HR professionals.

Key Findings

  • 73% of HR professionals anticipate it will become increasingly challenging to keep up with changes in hiring regulations and practices over the next two years.
    See page 10 for more about how companies are automating the adverse action process.
  • More than half (52%) of respondents said they plan to add more services to make their background screening more thorough.
    See page 19 for more about what services are being added for more thoroughness.
  • 52% of recent job seekers reported that the background screening experience made them feel more confident about working with the organization or pursuing the job.
    See page 24 for more about why background screening builds confidence with job seekers.
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Did you Know? Sterling’s global compliance team addresses hiring challenges and solutions, partnering with clients to provide guidance and tools to stay up-to-date and navigate complex issues so they can hire with trust.

About the Data

Separate Surveys

Sterling distributed and collected data from two separate surveys.

13 16
Countries & Industries

Both surveys were completed by global panels of respondents, representing 13 countries and more than 16 industries.

HR Professionals

One survey was completed by 1,208 HR professionals involved in the hiring process.

Recent Job Seekers

The second survey was completed by 3,777 recent job seekers.