CUSTOMER STORY: Analysis Group

Analysis Group Scales their Hiring Program with International Background Checks, iCIMS Integration, and Unrivaled Customer Support

Amanda Giunta

Recruiting Manager
Analysis Group

Choosing the Right Partner

As Analysis Group built out their global hiring program, they were challenged with easily identifying when a candidate required an international background screening in accordance with their policy. In order to scale their global program, Analysis Group needed a partner with the expertise to fully understand their business, automate the identification of an international check requirement, as well as provide visibility into the background screening process so that at any point they could add checks or services without waiting until receiving the results.

“We were really struggling,” shared Amanda Giunta, Recruiting Manager at Analysis Group. “Once we began conducting international background checks we discovered that our current process and automation was insufficient, which led to additional manual work for our recruiters and candidates. One of the first things I knew to do was to call Lloyd, whom I had worked with previously at Sterling as our Client Success Partner.”

Giunta brought Sterling into the conversation and explored Sterling’s new global products. The global products satisfied their needs through automating the addition of an international background screening for candidates where required by Analysis Group policy – without any user interaction. Additionally, leveraging the iCIMS integration, Analysis Group would have full visibility into the background screening process and status including the packages and services. Above all else, Giunta was confident that Sterling’s exceptional customer support would significantly speed up the background screening process and introduce efficiency. Giunta explained that it was easy to sell the executive team on the idea, and they quickly signed with Sterling and began the implementation.

A Smooth Implementation & Increased Efficiencies

Analysis Group needed a smooth transition that would allow them to be up and running quickly. With a dedicated support team by their side, Sterling worked in tandem with Analysis Group to guide them through the implementation process. “From our initial interactions with Sterling, it was clear that they had strong expertise in the iCIMS platform,” explained Amanda Giunta. “They knew all the right questions to ask, were proactive, and stayed on top of it to ensure a seamless experience for us.”

Since deploying Sterling’s global background screening solution and integrating with iCIMS, Analysis Group has reduced manual processes by 30% and its recruitment team has saved an average of 8 hours per week. The integration has simplified the recruiter experience and provided transparency into the candidate journey through the screening process. “The integration makes things so easy for us,” says Amanda Giunta. “We can choose our packages in just a few clicks, quickly initiate a background check, and receive status updates from within the iCIMS platform.”

Additionally, since candidate data is pre-populated to the Sterling platform from iCIMS, data entry errors have been reduced and candidates are now able to complete their portion of the background check more quickly.

We didn’t realize how important good customer service was until we came to Sterling. The expertise, support, and responsiveness we have received has exceeded our expectations.
Invaluable Customer Support

“The customer support is a game changer for us,” continues Giunta. “When we have questions, we reach out to our dedicated Client Success Partner or Client Success Associate. Because they are familiar with our account and understand the context, they respond within a couple of hours. We and our candidates don’t run circles around bots or creating tickets to get our questions answered.”

Today, Analysis Group continues to run all background checks with Sterling as a trusted partner. The Sterling Customer Success team is a trusted business partner, proactively identifying issues, bringing them to attention and resolving, as well as making recommendations on additional checks to be added.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduced manual processes by 30% and saved recruitment team 8+ hours per week
  • Reduced customer support response time from 3 days to average of 2 hours
  • Scaled and streamlined global background screening program

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We feel safer with Sterling. We aren’t experts in background checks, but Sterling is. We’re not just confident in the product’s Sterling offers, but we’re confident in Sterling’s team
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