October 14th, 2020 | Alison Tuomala, Jobvite Vice President of Partnerships

Helping Talent Professionals Navigate the Evolution of Today’s Workplace

Count on Jobvite + Sterling to guide your hiring, rehiring, and return-to-work efforts.

Today’s talent professionals are in uncharted waters, facing challenges we’ve never seen under circumstances that were inconceivable a few short months ago. Even the simplest day-to-day operations are more complicated in the current reality of our Covid-19 affected world.

In many organizations, talent teams are being tasked with figuring out how to move forward. For some that means creating a plan for moving back into the workplace and for others, it may be hiring for a newly remote workforce. Each organization has unique needs and priorities — and without a roadmap to follow, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Through its partnership with Sterling, Jobvite can help companies of any size to navigate today’s rapidly evolving workplace and take the necessary steps to move forward. The following are some common scenarios where our combined expertise can help.

Rehiring workers who have been furloughed or laid off

Laying off workers or putting them on furlough is a heartbreaking decision — but it’s a reality that thousands of businesses across the country have had to face this year. Most hope to bring these workers back when conditions improve, but there’s no guarantee.

Take steps to stay in touch with laid off and furloughed workers to keep them engaged and improve your ability to rehire them when the time is right. Consider implementing a drip campaign, via email or text, to provide updates and gauge their interest in new opportunities.

When business picks up and you’re able to start rehiring, it’s cause for celebration — but it’s also important to proceed with caution. Even formerly reliable employees may have run into trouble while out of work. You wouldn’t bring on a new employee without proper vetting, so take time to ensure you have the proper screening in place for rehires, too.

Depending on your company and industry, this may include criminal background checks, drug and health screening, and social media screening. Ongoing workforce monitoring can also promote workplace safety and reduce risk.

Returning to the workplace

As many businesses continue to adjust, different industries are considering bringing employees back to the workplace in a variety of formats — but doing so safely is a major concern across the board. As an employer, you’ll need to navigate the uncertainties of this journey. Fortunately several governing bodies have issued guidance on safe reopening — including the CDC, OSHA, EEOC, and state and local governments.

As you plan for workplace reopening, keep the lines of communication open with your staff, using whatever channels are most appropriate — email, text, phone, etc. Keep them updated on your plans, including target reopening date and instructions for returning to work. Be clear and deliberate about communicating any new behavioral guidelines related to social distancing, hand washing, and face coverings.

You may also wonder about the legality of health screening and Covid-19 testing for employees. Authorities have determined that Covid-19 is a “direct threat” to the safety of the workplace, and therefore temperature checks, viral tests, and screening for symptoms are permissible. Keep in mind, however, that testing must be confidential and tests must be administered in a non-discriminatory way.

Hiring for a remote workforce

Some companies are choosing to stay remote for the long term, which means recruiters will need to rethink their processes for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees. In most cases, this means finding innovative uses to incorporate technology in the hiring lifecycle.

As companies adapt to remote-first hiring, social media is becoming increasingly important for advertising job openings, connecting with candidates, and promoting the employer brand. Talk, text, and chat are also accelerating in a big way, as candidates become more accustomed to these channels as part of the hiring process. Perhaps the most dramatic shift is the skyrocketing use of video in all aspects of the hiring process — from screening and interviews to onboarding. (Find more insights on how recruiters are adapting to a remote world in this report.)

Hiring new employees without any face-to-face contact introduces new levels of uncertainty. Rather than relying on gut instinct and hoping for the best, it’s time to take an innovative approach to screening. A trusted partner like Sterling can help you have the right checks in place and conduct them in a remote environment — including identity verification, background checks, and even social media screening.

Scaling up hiring to meet demand

Maybe your industry is thriving in the current environment, or maybe your organization is on the road to post-pandemic recovery. Either way, you’ll likely be tasked with hiring a new workforce or scaling up an existing team — and there’s often pressure to fill those roles in a hurry.

That’s no excuse for abandoning best practices in talent acquisition or taking shortcuts with safety. Instead, companies need to utilize technology-based solutions to accelerate recruitment, hiring, and onboarding.

Using an end-to-end talent acquisition suite like Jobvite allows you to personalize the content on your career site, automate text messaging, and create a streamlined application process. The result? Faster hiring without sacrificing the candidate experience. Additionally, integrating the background screening portion of your hiring process with Jobvite provides numerous benefits. Sterling’s integrated solution can streamline your hiring processes, minimize duplicate data entry and potential errors, provide greater transparency to recruiters about candidate status, and ultimately improve the recruiter and candidate experience. Sterling’s mobile-responsive Candidate Hub provides a quick and easy cloud-based screening experience for candidates, allowing them to quickly and conveniently complete the background screening process from their phone or preferred device. Your quickest hiring decisions can be made with confidence—and seamlessly kept as a record in your ATS.

There are no easy answers for talent professionals in today’s uncertain environment. But with partners like Jobvite and Sterling, you can make smarter, faster, and safer hiring decisions regardless of what challenges might lie ahead. Request a demo, or learn more about the partnership.

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