November 26th, 2019 | Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director, Sterling Volunteers

‘Tis the Season of Giving Back

Tis the Season of Giving Back
10 Ways Your Organization Can Help the Community During the Holidays

This is the time of year when many are thinking about how they can give to their loved ones as they celebrate the holidays. It’s also a great time for your organization and employees to be thinking about ways to give back to the communities where they live and work. By helping people in need and giving back to the community, your company can boost the morale of your current employees and attract potential hires. Increasingly, people want to align with companies that practice social responsibility, there are numerous ways in which companies can give back in a way that is meaningful and aligned with your mission. The following are examples of what your organization can do, through individual employees or as a team, to give back to the community.

Sponsor a Local Organization

There are numerous nonprofit organizations that need funds in order to continue their good work in the community. Helping to raise money for organizations is a great way to help them continue providing valuable services and demonstrate that you care about important causes. In addition to helping these groups raise money, you can arrange to have your staff spend time volunteering, promote the work that they do on your social media pages, or donate your products to them.

Donate a Percentage of Sales to a Worthy Cause

Donating a percentage of sales to a charity for a specific period of time around the holidays is a great way to give back and demonstrate to consumers that your company cares about contributing to worthy causes. This strategy will make customers feel good about doing business with your organization. To further get the people who purchase your products and services involved, you could also conduct a poll to find out what charities they’d most like to see you contribute to.

Help Those Who Protect and Serve

While most of us are spending the holidays enjoying our friends and families in the comfort of our homes, local police officers, firefighters, and EMTs are still working to keep people safe. One way to give back is to bring food from a restaurant to a fire department or police station in order to share the culinary joy of the holidays with these hardworking protectors of the community.

Socially Support the Elderly

For some seniors, the holiday season can be more lonely than jolly. By volunteering for organizations that support seniors, your workers can give older people the social support they need by visiting them in nursing homes or at their own residences. In addition, organizations may arrange to have volunteers provide services like running errands and housecleaning to assist those people who may need extra help with their daily activities.

Invest in The Future of the Community

Since children are the future of any community, it can be worthwhile for your company to get involved in activities that contribute to their well-being and growth. Your organization can partner with different local programs to provide tutoring and mentoring services, help fund children’s activities like sports teams or art programs, or collect clothing for children in need—all of which can go a long way toward making young people’s lives brighter around the holidays and beyond. The joy and infectious spirit that comes from spending time with kids in your community is a happy and often welcome plus-point of this form of giving back.

Help a Family in Need

The Salvation Army and other organizations can give your company the chance to make the holidays a little brighter for a family in need. There are opportunities for people to buy items on a family’s holiday wish list, as well as necessities that they need throughout the year.

Food for Thought

Food is a huge part of our holiday celebrations, but for those who are in underserved communities, even a good meal can be tough to get. Your organization can help feed people in the community in several ways, including volunteering as a group at a soup kitchen, sponsoring a food drive at your company, and delivering meals to people in need.

Support Our Troops

Deployed servicemembers make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and the holidays can be an extremely difficult time for them. In order to help them get through this challenging season and feel closer to home, your company can work with military organizations to send care packages to the troops. Also, you can demonstrate that you’re a military-friendly organization by providing assistance to groups that cater to military families and veterans. Our recent blog on Veterans also provides great tips to engage veterans and members of the military.

Increase Your Efforts Through Partnerships

In order to increase goodwill with other companies in your area, as well as increase your impact, you can partner with other organizations to raise money for charities or participate in joint volunteer activities. This is a great way to help the community, network with other professionals in your field, and let consumers know that you are part of a group of business owners that make it a priority to give back. This is where our Sterling Volunteers division can help you partner with one of our clients. Sterling Volunteers is a group of passionate volunteers with decades of experience working for and with nonprofits and service organizations in risk mitigation.

Encourage Random Acts of Kindness

Although it’s great to work together as a team when giving back to the community, it’s also extremely valuable to encourage workers to practice random acts of kindness in their daily lives. Whether they’re buying a stranger a latte at the coffee shop, giving a homeless person money, or leaving a generous tip for a waitress, these small acts can make a positive difference in someone’s life and contribute to your community.

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