October 30th, 2019 | Matthew Gay, Vice-President, Strategic Alliances & Channel Partners

How to Leverage the Workday Recruiting Application to Improve Applicant and Recruiter Experiences

People enjoying the Workday-Sterling integration experience

Business moves forward on the strength of the world’s most valuable resource: people. So the decisions you make about who to hire make all the difference in success or failure. While making people the focus of your business is a good start, having everything organized and centrally located results in smarter decision-making not just in who you hire, but how.

Making better decisions

Workday is a comprehensive digital solution that serves as a single system for finance- and HR-related tasks to modernize the onboarding process. Designed to help make better decisions, it helps remove administrative burdens that come with ineffective systems that create complexities. The platform combines critical processes into one system, including the technology foundation to run a business’s financial management, HCM, payroll, reporting, and planning across an entire organization.

Taking full advantage of Workday’s platform begins with seamless integration between partner recruitment platforms.


Sterling has been a Workday Certified Integration Partner since 2014. Through this partnership, Sterling’s robust cloud platforms seamlessly connect with Workday’s application, allowing companies to receive a comprehensive view of a candidate’s application process as well as automate essential hiring functions.

This exchange of information is most clearly seen in the Workday integration with Sterling’s background and identity services. Sterling provides an intuitive platform designed for the evolving global workforce to help HR managers more easily control the screening process and manage through the Workday application. When you can organize the entire hiring process – from recruiting to onboarding – and keep it all in one place, you and your applicants experience a faster, more accurate and streamlined process. Being able to share real-time data back and forth results in the creation of efficiencies in communication and decision making.

Integrating Sterling’s services with Workday creates a one-stop-shop for HR professionals, giving them a single view of candidates throughout the hiring process. Synchronizing applicant profile information creates optimization at every step, and is ideal for mobile, flexible workforces.

Workday’s seamless interoperability with Sterling solutions means everyone from HR to candidates gains real-time status updates with no middleware or development required. This efficiency reduces time-to-hire and creates an improved applicant experience.

Positive experiences through partnership

Creating a positive recruitment experience is more valuable than ever. After all, when a candidate has a positive experience, they recommend your organization, product and brand to their friends and colleagues, helping you to stay competitive and grow. And hiring great people is one of the keys to scaling a world-class organization and competing in the marketplace. Together, Workday and Sterling’s partnership offers a powerful resource to better managing finance, HR and payroll, and candidate and employee experiences.

Integrating Sterling with Workday Recruiting is a smart move for any business looking to automate the hiring process, track application milestones, improve the candidate experience and more strongly compete in the marketplace.

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