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March 8th, 2019 | Sterling

Sterling Celebrates the Power of Women!

Diversity, inclusion and a celebration of various perspectives make Sterling a great place to work! On International Women’s Day, Sterling celebrates by acknowledging the invaluable contribution of women to its growth and the legacy of trust built across 40+ years of background and identity services.

Join us for a month-long series celebrating Sterling Power Women, starting with Angela Preston, Sr. VP and Counsel for Corporate Ethics and Compliance. From her passion for life-long learning, her relentless pursuit of excellence, to her leadership as Chair of the NAPBS, Angela leaves no stone unturned!

Angela Preston

An astute professional with over 25 years of legal and compliance experience and 18 years as a leader in the background and screening industry, Angela draws strength and inspiration from the women in her life. One example is the global book club she participates in with her Sterling colleagues Carrie Andrews (New York) and Elizabeth Fitzell (Singapore). Their monthly conversations include bouncing around ideas and identifying opportunities to grow and share their learnings with others.

Currently reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, Angela finds resonance in some of the former First Lady’s reflections – including being a “box-checker” as a young person, always looking to jump to the next level with a clarity of goals and a disciplined approach to achieving excellence. College, then law school were a natural progression. Angela’s undergraduate experience made her a “…big fan of liberal arts education” for the broad exposure to the world and the human condition through education.

Over the years, she has learned that checking boxes only gets you so far, and that true satisfaction comes from following your passions and wandering off the path from time to time. Today she seeks out opportunities to delve out of the comfort zone, recently relocating to New York City. She is thankful to her parents, friends, and mentors for supporting her choices—both good and bad—and encouraging her to believe in her abilities.

“At Sterling, I feel very aligned with our mission, which is really about making the world a safer place for people. The most exciting part of being at Sterling is the collaboration in pursuing our shared goals. Our work impacts people all over the world, and while we have a global footprint, our ability to come together makes work at Sterling special and important. I find it especially inspiring to work with all the strong women leaders at Sterling, and with them, I continue to learn and grow.”

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