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December 19th, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

The Top 5 Sterling Blog Posts of 2017

As another year ends, I find myself asking that eternal question, “Where did the year go?” It has been a busy year for compliance laws, such as ban the box and pay salary bans laws, being enacted and the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use in various states have led many companies to updating their drug policies. From social media screening to candidate experience, we shared quite a variety of human capital management industry and background screening topics on the Sterling blog this past year. 

We compiled a list of the top five most popular and highly read blog posts of the past year just in case you missed them.

Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana has become a hot topic due to the legalization of marijuana use for medicinal or recreational purposes in many states across the United States. Sterling has created the “Marijuana @ Work” infographic which provides insights to help a company decide if it is time to update their drug acceptance policy, how state courts have ruled in workplace marijuana use cases and most importantly how to take steps to ensure your drug testing practices are legally compliant and suited to your company’s needs.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Social Media Screening

Using social media to support the recruitment process can provide valuable opportunities for both the candidate and the employer. But, there are pitfalls that employers must be aware of if they are using social media to screen – and reject – an individual. Find out more about social media screening and how it is important to create a social media screening policy in Social Media Screening: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Keeping the Honeymoon Period Alive with Your Employees

Employees who felt they worked in a loving, caring culture reported higher levels of satisfaction and teamwork and they showed up for work more often. From the way you onboard your employees to your daily interactions as a team, it’s the small gestures that help to retain your employees and make them feel loved. Sterling created “5 Tips to Keeping the “Honeymoon Period” Alive With Your Employees” to share thoughts on how to have a positive candidate experience from applying to onboarding to the first six months on the job.

Ban the Box: Where Are We Now?

Currently, over 150 cities and 28 states have ban the box laws in place (or will be enacted next year) for public and/or private employees. The passage of these laws continues to increase across the country. Ban the Box laws prohibit employers from asking about a job applicant’s criminal history on an application and in some cases during an interview. “Ban the Box: Where Are We Now?” shares important tips on how to stay compliant with these changing laws.

SterlingONE Brings Ease to Background Screening

Our cloud-based, proprietary technology platform, SterlingONE, unifies job candidate orders and data into a single, unified workflow so organizations can easily place orders, manage tasks, monitor status and view candidate records. SterlingONE delivers greater hiring efficiency from the decision to day one with exceptional cloud technology and customer service. Find out how Sterling has the complete hiring solution from the time your company makes an offer to a candidate through background screening to onboarding.

Looking ahead to 2018, there could be many changing regulations and technological trends that could impact the background screening industry. We will continue to keep you updated on the latest topics affecting the Human Capital Management industry and can’t wait to share them with you so stay close to Sterling Blog.

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