October 23rd, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

HR Tech Spotlights Smarter Technology for Human Resources

HR Tech was held in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago, but the ideas that were shared at the conference will spur changes to the human resources industry for many years to come. The Sterling team was in full force at the conference demonstrating the simplicity of our background screening, onboarding platform and API on-demand solution. We would like to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy conference schedule to stop by our booth, share ideas and feedback with our team. Sterling’s goal is to help companies hire with confidence by offering a simpler, smarter, background screening and onboarding experience.

Key Takeaways from HR Tech 2017

Human Resources technology is ever-changing, so it is important for HR professionals to be knowledgeable to stay competitive in the recruitment and employment screening world. Being armed with the latest HR technology information can help HR leaders make smart choices and implement new systems for today and in the future for their companies.

The 20th Annual HR Technology Conference focused on the business process and organizational success enabled by technology. The over 9,000 conference attendees were offered over 70 sessions by industry experts who shared the latest information on HR technology trends such as AI, SaaS, analytics and social mobile.  There were also over 400 vendors who were exclusively debuting new HR products and solutions at the conference.

The biggest trends out of HR Tech this year was focusing on women in technology and the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) products to enhance human resources procedures. The new technology showcased at HR Tech will allow HR professionals to focus more on strategy and recruiting the right people for their company while leaving the administrative tasks to the new technologies.

Women in Technology

The human resources field is a field where women have grown and thrived. A 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that 73% of HR professionals at the management level are female compared to 43% in Marketing and 27% in IT. The HR Technology Conference highlights the importance of attracting more women into leadership roles in technology and HR tech industries with the Women in Technology Symposium (details here). Attendees learned directly from successful women in tech fields who explained how they overcame challenges to get to the executive level in usually male-dominated fields. Speakers shared their experiences and their expertise to help others grow into personal and professional leadership roles.

Smart AI Technology for HR

The biggest overall theme for the conference was artificial intelligence and the wide-ranging capabilities that it could bring to enhance the HR industry. The tools and products shared by vendors during the expo and seminar sessions offer everything from video interviewing skills to personality assessment tests to rewards and recognition programs.  The new programs will help HR professionals and teams with employee performance management, rewards/recognition and ultimately company culture. AI systems like Alexa, Siri and Google voice recognition, are familiar with individual voices, but new technology is being developed that will let the systems recognize group commands. There is always an emphasis on employee rewards and recognition programs. One vendor’s product offered a peer-to-peer point recognition program, where employees can earn points and ultimately gift cards and other prizes. Tracking can be performed on who is giving and receiving the recognition allowing HR managers to see trends on performance and team integration.

Looking Ahead to HR Tech 2018

Working with thousands of clients, Sterling’s big ideas leverage technology to define industry standards, streamline complex processes and provide clients with hiring peace of mind. We look forward to HR Tech at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas next September 11 to 14 as we continue our mission to deliver a simpler, smarter background screening and onboarding experience for you and your candidates.

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