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August 28th, 2017 | Cindy Villamil, Sterling Talent Solutions

Data Desk: Good Data In, Good Data Out

Hello again! In our last data blog, we talked about the data platform and how data gets processed within the platform. In this month’s blog, we want to focus on the output side of the platform: how the data ultimately gets back to you, the consumer. Data reporting is just as important as the rest of the data’s life cycle precisely because at that point, the data has become information.

Data vs. Information

Data is just numbers, text; essentially values, but the meaning behind those values is what makes it valuable. Organizing and processing the data in the platform is what transforms the data to information which helps clients make intelligent hiring decisions. Think of it like ingredients in a taco recipe. (I’m writing this on a Tuesday, so tacos are on my mind.) You don’t eat meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, cheese, and tortilla (and whatever you also prefer) individually when you want tacos. You have to season and cook the meat, chop the lettuce, tomatoes, etc. and then combine it all into the tortilla. So, think of the data as the raw ingredients that after being processed and organized into a lovely tortilla, which we can think of as the report, gives you delicious information that can be consumed and used to make informed choices. Like ingredients, the same data can be used in different ways to create different insights and provide different value.

Sterling’ Background Screening Client Reports

Depending on the platform, the reports available are slightly different -mainly in aesthetics, but the information is the same.  Sterling’ services are focused on quality and speed, so naturally we want to measure that as best as possible and provide that to our clients. We show metrics on how quickly we return the background screens that we fulfill, usually the average turnaround time, and this can be aggregated by many different dimensions such as month, product, state and more. This helps clients have a better understanding and expectation of how long it will take them to get a potential new hire through the door. Likely the client has a good approximation of how long the company’s internal process will take. But not having an idea of how long the background check process will take can make all the difference if the ideal candidate has another offer.  Maybe most importantly, these metrics are personal to the client. You don’t see the average across all customers because what screening checks a client in the healthcare industry orders can be vastly different from a client in the retail industry. Additionally, the states you tend to hire in can have longer turnaround times than those of another company.

Another key metric that we provide is the percentage of screens that result in something that should be reviewed. Not only does this help you get insight into what products tend to find the most results of that type, but it shows that our services really are keeping your work environment a safe place.

Like ingredients, this data is sliced and diced in many different ways so that you can see your program from many different angles. For example, both of our main platforms provide reports that compare your products to each other, how many applicants you screen per month, what percentage of your orders are completed within 1-7 business days, what turnaround times are by state and much more. Our SterlingONE platform has recently revamped the reports and has even added a state of the art visualization of turnaround and volume metrics at the county level.

US map by states and regions

Accessible and Exportable Data

What sets these reports apart, however, is not how much information in them but rather how accessible they are. These reports are completely self-service, available at will and exportable. We cannot possibly think of all the ways that this data can turn into information and be valuable to our clients. The data is available for exporting and clients can create their own metrics and develop their own analysis. We wouldn’t want to keep anyone from spicing up their taco recipe with their own secret sauce.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! Find the reporting capabilities to make your hiring experience easier on our client portal.

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