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June 19th, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

SterlingONE’s Enhanced Reporting Makes Background Screening Easier

We live in a world where data is an essential component of a technologically-based world. Data can be collected, recorded and reported quickly and easily. Sterling is committed to delivering the highest quality background checks combined with the fastest service in the industry. 

It’s a data-filled world and we need to understand the data that we are given and how it will apply to day-to-day activities and productivity. The HR industry is no exception. Easy to understand reporting is essential for any HR professional. Each HR team must set up their own goals for what reports they need but what should be measured. Examples of key performance indicators (KPI) for recruiting might include employee retention rate, employee engagement, quality of hire, cost per hire or the overall number of applications.

Uncomplicated Background Screening

Sterling’ cloud-based, proprietary technology platform, SterlingONE, combines candidate orders and data into a single, unified workflow so organizations can easily place orders, manage tasks, monitor status and view candidate records. SterlingONE is highly secure and regularly updated to meet the ever-changing compliance standards, allowing our clients to manage their background screening programs seamlessly.

Every company is different and will require specific background screening, onboarding and reporting processes based on their needs. Each of Sterling’s hiring solutions from criminal record checks to employment verifications will allow organizations will give HR professionals peace of mind that they are making the correct hiring decisions and allow them to hire with confidence.

Continuous Updates to the Platform

Sterling releases quarterly platform and product updates to inform our clients of the latest changes in the background screening industry. Our goal is to make the candidate hiring experience easier with positive changes happening for both the employer and the job candidate. SterlingONE makes it easy for candidates to initiate and complete screenings while also giving businesses the flexibility to add products, services and reporting capabilities in their background screening programs.

Enhanced Reporting on SterlingONE

SterlingONE offers new preconfigured, comprehensive reporting to help clients track important KPIs and visualize their important day-to-day data. With the new reports, an HR team is quickly able to pull and review reports, meet their KPIs and report back to the hiring managers. The reporting gives HR professionals increased visibility into the efficiency of their screening and hiring program.  The reporting offers a variety of background screening metrics to HR executives who can highlight applicant performance, screening turnaround time, search volume and specific company hiring metrics. Available product, geographic and comparison reports will allow HR teams to adjust their background screening and onboarding budgets throughout the year according to their business hiring needs.  Some companies process a lot of new employees during certain times of the year. Sterling’s reporting has been enhanced to track performance for large volume background screening checks.

Sterling offers credit and financial health reports to supplement other background screening checks. Credit check reports are recommended for positions that have managerial, accounting, financial record or check-writing responsibilities. These types of reports are critical for businesses in the financial sector.  Sterling provides a wide range of reports that offer valuable and unbiased insight into a candidate’s reliability and a sense of personal responsibility.  Sterling has chosen Transunion as its default credit report provider and Credit Bureau vendor. The platform delivers a convenient, easy-to-read view of Transunion Credit Report. HR professionals get the same reliable credit check report in a new user-friendly format allowing them to review reports with clarity and make hiring decisions with confidence.

Sterling constantly aims to improve and simplify the client and candidate experience for background screening and onboarding. We want to maximize the hiring workflow efficiency for both candidates and employers. Learn more about Sterling’s hiring solutions and how to transform your company’s hiring process to improve the candidate experience on our company website.

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