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May 4th, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

The Ingredients of the Perfect Background Screening Platform

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A great cook can make a signature dish by adding a dash of one ingredient and a pinch of another. Combining tastes and styles of cooking from a basic recipe is what takes a chef to the next level of culinary experiences. HR professionals combine people skills, technology and day-to-day management to make the hiring process as seamless as possible and create a positive candidate experience. Two different industries, but both strive to have the best outcome.

Today, HR professionals have continually shifting priorities, internal demands, technology upgrades and changes to the job market as applicants demand a transparent, personalized and seamless candidate experience from the moment they hit your career page to their first day in the office. As the battle for high-performing talent increases, employers can no longer afford to have anything less than a consistent and personalized experience for their candidates. Great hiring experiences start with the technology used in an organization’s background screening and onboarding platform.

Benefits of Using a Background Screening Program

Sterling Talent Solution has compiled “The Ingredients of the Perfect Background Screening Platform” to guide companies when selecting a background screening and onboarding solution. The guide details information that you need to select the solution, from built-in compliance and personalization to reporting dashboards, which integrates with your current HR partners.

The key benefits of a robust, feature-rich background screening and onboarding platform are:

  • Centralizes your background checks, drug testing and onboarding needs
  • Empowers your HR team
  • Provides a seamless, consistent candidate experience

Ingredients of a Background Screening Platform

From monitoring tasks and due dates to launching your hiring activities, you’ll want a holistic picture of what’s happening day-to-day across all your HR activities. All of these ingredients will combine to create a great background screening platform:

  • Simplicity: From the platform layout to ease of use, you need a solution that your team can intuitively navigate and easily plug into other systems.
  • Candidate Experience: Candidate experience is quite the “hot” topic in the HR World. Career Arc found that “among candidates who have had a poor experience, 72% have shared that negative experience online or with someone directly.” Regardless of geographic location, brands or hiring workflows, you want to make sure everyone is receiving the same engaging experience with your candidate dashboard.
  • Compliance: When it comes to background screening, compliance is a critical consideration. Companies need to follow local, state, national and global laws to avoid lawsuits and be informed of all legal considerations before making a hiring decision.
  • Workflow Management: Creating hiring workflows is one of the first steps to managing all of the tasks associated with the hiring process. Having a solution with the ability to update documents and media without needing to reconfigure portals or ask the IT team is and an important part of document management.
  • Integration: Having an all-in-one HR hiring solution will create an awesome experience for the HR team and the job candidate. It is important to select a platform that seamlessly integrates with HR recruiting solutions to create a streamlined, paperless hiring process.
  • Reporting: Robust, easy-to-use reporting capabilities allow you to easily, quickly and efficiently find and share the data you’re seeking for your team and your executive meetings.
  • Security: Background screening and onboarding require in-depth measures and procedures to protect the information of your candidates. Select a database with full data encryption capabilities to protect your information and the information of your candidates.

As you evaluate your background screening and onboarding platform, you’ve got a lot to consider. From the simplicity of the platform to the experience you give your candidates, it’s important you think through all of the features and functionality you need before making your decision. While comparing platforms, bring it back to the unique needs of your company. By selecting the right platform the first time around, you will improve your efficiency, decrease cost and align your team around a centralized mission. To get more details about each of the questions to ask when choosing a background screening provider, download our new eBook, The Ingredients of the Perfect Background Screening Platform.

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