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May 11th, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

Budgeting Tips for a Background Screening and Onboarding Platform

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Today, HR professionals are burdened with a variety of both internal and external demands, technology upgrades and changes to the job market as applicants demand a transparent and personalized candidate experience. As the battle for high-performing talent increases, employers can no longer afford to have anything less than a consistent and personalized experience for their candidates. Great hiring experiences start with the technology used in an organization’s background screening and onboarding platform.

Budgeting for a New Background Screening Platform

The first step in choosing a new background screening platform is setting a budget. With budgeting season just around the corner, now is the time for HR teams to start looking at new background screening solutions to help with their hiring and onboarding needs. There are many reasons which could cause a company to require a new background screening platform including growing the employee base, increased global hiring, compliance considerations and improved candidate experience. All of these factors will determine the need and the budget for a background screening solution.

As companies are beginning to evaluate the need for a new background screening platform and the possible increased costs that it will entail, HR professionals should make a wish list of which items will ultimately save their company money in the long-term and help make hiring and HR functions run more efficiently. Also, a complete background screening platform could lower the risks of potential bad hires and save the company money in potential lawsuits and a bad reputation in the future.

Timeline for Platform Purchase

The timeline for purchasing a new background screening solution could take months up to a year depending on the need and the size of the company. For larger companies, there are more people involved in the budgeting process so that it could require more time. Six months to a year is the usual sales cycle for larger organizations. Smaller companies have fewer decision makers so that turnaround time could be much quicker.

At the beginning of the sales and budgeting process, HR needs to partner internally with procurement, finance and IT departments. Input from all of these groups is important when implementing and integrating a new platform with current ATS, HRIS and payroll systems. After the initial call with the background screening sales representative, the prospective new buyer needs to make sure that all stakeholders are on the call (or in the room for a face-to-face meeting) for the rest of the buying process. The key point is for the decision maker to continue to sell the value of the new background screening platform and how it will help the company in the long run by integrating HRIS and ATS programs and improving HR and candidate workflow.

Benefits of Using a Background Screening Program

The benefits and the value of a robust, feature-rich background screening and onboarding platform are must be kept in mind during the budgeting processing. Key advantages of having a background screening and onboarding platform are:

  • Creates a centralized ecosystem where you can bring all of your screening and onboarding tools and solutions under one unified hub. With all data in one place, a company can order background screens and run enhanced reporting with real-time results.
  • Empowers the HR team members to focus on their tasks and responsibilities in a more efficient manner. While the Chief Human Resources Officer might be focused on overseeing the organizational talent demands, the HR Generalist might be focused on hiring, screening and onboarding candidates as quickly as possible.
  • Provides a seamless, consistent candidate experience, which is the first indication of the culture of the company the candidates may join. Having a simple, pain-free hiring experience will keep new employees engaged and at a company longer.

It Always Comes Back to the Needs of the Company

As companies evaluate and start budget planning for a new background screening and onboarding platform, there is a lot to consider. From the simplicity of the platform to candidate experience it’s important to think through all of the features and functionality that are needed before making the final decision. While comparing platforms, bring it back to the unique needs of the company. By selecting the right platform the first time around, you will improve your efficiency, decrease cost and align your team around a centralized mission. To get more details about each of the questions to ask when choosing a background screening how that relates to a business’s bottom line, download our new eBook, The Ingredients of the Perfect Background Screening Platform.

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