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March 20th, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

Complexities of Employee Screening and Onboarding

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Have you had to get a background check? I hadn’t until I was hired by Sterling last year. To be honest, I was nervous, not because there was anything in my background that would have a red flag, but because I didn’t know the background screening process and what was needed to complete the background check. I had many questions swirling around my head: What paperwork would I need? Did I have enough reference information? How could I get hiring or payroll documentation from a company that is now closed? How do you get a drug test? How long will the process start? If I didn’t have the information would it delay my hiring?

I know I am not the only one with these questions. I had asked friends who had been through the screening process what their experience was and responded with, “No problems, it was fine.” While this is a great response, it didn’t help to reduce my worries. I had never had a drug screening before and once again, I didn’t know the process. You can investigate what you need to do online, but it is not the same as actually doing it. Luckily, my Sterling representative was a big help with questions that I had. I was provided with a detailed checklist on what information I needed to have my background check and what I had to do to complete the drug screening test. Once I completed the screening, Sterling sent me the “first-day” paperwork, including Form I-9, W-2, state forms and Employee Handbook and Guidelines to be completed before my first day. My entire post-hire process from screening to onboarding was less daunting and more of a learning experience than I thought it would be.

Making the Process Less Complex

Sterling knows that there are many complexities involved with the employment background screening process. Sterling delivers greater hiring efficiency from the decision to day one with exceptional cloud technology and customer service. We have bundled solutions designed to meet our customer’s needs from the essentials, such as criminal background checks, education and employment verifications, drug and health screening, to adding Form I-9 and E-Verify to the ultimate package with onboarding options including new hire forms, state withholding forms, custom forms and eOffer letters. Our platform, SterlingONE, offers easy-to-use client and candidate portals, candidate workflows and follow-up questionnaires, so both parties can see the entire process as it happens.

Platform Updates Bring Ease to Background Screening

Sterling releases platform and product updates to our clients, so that can be informed of the latest changes for our background screening platforms as these changes will ultimately affect their hiring processes. Our goal is to make the candidate hiring experience easier with positive changes happening for both the employer and the job candidate. SterlingONE makes it easy for candidates to initiate and complete screenings while also giving businesses the flexibility to add products and services onto existing orders and workflows.

Every company is different and will require unique solutions for the hiring process. Each of Sterling’s hiring solutions will allow organizations to hire with confidence. Updated criminal records screening will give companies a wider geographical scope while maintaining accurate results and fast turnaround times. The drug and health screening solutions will provide companies with more control and flexibility for the types of drug tests (if any) they will need for their employees.

Sterling updates our platform to stay compliant with the U.S. government’s changes to hiring forms. For example, on January 22, 2017, the Form I-9 hiring form was updated. All employers must use this new form. Sterling automatically made adjustments to SterlingONE to comply with the changes to the form while at the same time simplifying the data entry process for candidates and employers.

The ultimate goal that Sterling strives for every day is to improve and simplify the client and candidate experience for background screening and onboarding. Learn more about how to transform your company’s hiring processes to improve the candidate experience on Sterling website.

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