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November 14th, 2016 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

Happy Thanksgiving from Sterling

Happy Thanksgiving From Sterling

Thanksgiving Day marks a time when friends and families gather together and give thanks for all the blessings in their lives. There are parades, football and the traditional (and sometimes not so traditional) turkey dinner with all of the fixings that we all look forward to every year. There is a lot to be thankful for this year, so we asked some of our employees what they are thankful for this season and here’s what we’ve got:

I am thankful for coaching my daughters U9 soccer team this year. It is such a joy seeing her learn to work as a team, compete and have a great time doing it. Our team moto is F.U.N. which stands for Friendship, Unity & Never Give Up which I believe would also apply to our mentality and Sterling.

Ben Izzard

Director of Sales Development

I am thankful for my daughter. She has taught me how to slow down and appreciate the small moments that make up life. Whether it is picking up a leaf or watching bubbles float away every moment is worth savoring.

Kim Johnson

Account Manager

I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside and meet amazing colleagues across the globe. Every day they open my eyes to diversity, passion and determination. I am grateful for everyone who has supported me through my career, especially those with unwavering confidence in me no matter what the challenge. And finally I am thankful for 30 minutes with my puppy, Poppy, every evening walking off the day reflecting on it all!

Kate Ellis

Association Vice President, Operations

This year has been one of the most transformative years in my life and I am grateful to my family and friends that have helped me through it. I am most thankful for the health and happiness of my wife and two daughters for which at the end of the day, nothing else really matters. I am also grateful for being given the opportunity to flourish in my new role at Sterling, to have earned the trust and support of my colleagues and to have gained 4,000 new friends in the process. I am thankful to have built a solid team of collaborators around me that are constantly setting an example for our department and our company for how to achieve success. And lastly, I am grateful to my parents for instilling me with a sense of responsibility as a friend, a father, a husband and philanthropist.

Nick Fishman

Vice President of Communications

I am thankful for the opportunities and unpredictable paths the world brings forth as life unfolds each day.

Susan Raygorodskaya

Salesforce & Marketing Automation Manager

I am thankful for spending time with family and friends, enjoying a great concert and watching Cleveland sports teams win!

Debbie Lamb

Junior Marketing Communications Manager

Sometimes life just gets busy and even though I might not say it or act like it, I am thankful for the simple things in life like my kids, family, and friends–and especially my dog Mellon. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, the second we make eye contact she wags her tail and comes running to greet me.

Tejal Sughrue


I am thankful for many things one of those being coming to work each day surrounded by people I truly enjoy working with and the friendships I have made over the years working here.

Lyndee Hakim

Office Supervisor

I’m thankful to have made the most of the time I’ve had with loved ones who have now passed away since the beginning of the year and even more thankful for those who remain alive and well. It’s easy to take for granted the time we have, to take a raincheck and say “I’ll see you next time!,” but there isn’t always a ‘next time.’ 2016 has taught me that every hour of every day is precious, and that if I live that way, when the ones I love no longer walk the earth I can look back and know I made the most of what we had when we had it. Nothing is more painful than the regret of knowing you put something trivial over your last opportunity to see your favorite uncle, or your mom, or even your dog. It’s easy to neglect things while we have them, but impossible to go back and change that once they’re gone.

Amanda Ivans

Bellevue Office Coordinator

I am thankful to work for a company that is understanding, flexible and compassionate. I have gone through some tough personal things this year but, have been able to get through them easier with the support of my colleagues, boss and the company as a whole. Not many people are that blessed.

Sara A. Straw

Event Marketing Manager

Life is too rich and wonderful for just a little bit of gratitude — so here’s my long list:

  • Creative people – our marketing team inspires me every day
  • My children – bright, curious, complex, infuriating and endlessly entertaining
  • Turkey and stuffing – the best meal of the year (and no gifts to buy)
  • 24-hour weather broadcasts – because they make my husband so happy
  • Black (clothes, shoes, bags) – everything looks chicer in black
  • Colleagues with a sense of humor – because even challenging projects can be enjoyable!
  • Crisp autumn weather – wooly sweaters, roaring fires and pumpkins
  • NASA – because we should never stop exploring

Julia Mair

Chief Marketing Officer

While I am thankful for so many things in my life, these rank among my favorite:

  • TSA Pre-Check for helping me catch so many flights I otherwise would have missed
  • Quiet coffee mornings with friends
  • An entrepreneurial spirit passed down from my parents
  • The friendships I’ve been lucky enough to form over the years
  • Moments of complete silence and reflection
  • CrossFit, yoga, exercise and healthy food
  • My amazing work family always making me laugh

Tommy Marzella

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Happy Thanksgiving from Sterling!

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