October 13th, 2016 | Sterling

Power Through Onboarding Basics

Power Through Onboarding Basics | Sterling

There are many memories that are made on the job from promotions, friendships and new experiences, but sometimes these memories blur together, especially if you have been with a company a long time. But one day always sticks out in everyone’s memory: the first day. First day memories can run the gambit from bad (not having a desk or computer or being left in a conference room to fill out paperwork or read manuals all day) to great (receiving first day gifts, meeting all team members and participating in a company-wide meet and greet games). Making a great first impression to a new employee will have a lasting effect. In fact, most employees decide to stay at a new job within their first six months. Effective onboarding tells a cohesive compelling employer brand story. It engages & socializes the new hire from the beginning. It provides the skills, knowledge and tools your new employee needs to become a productive, successful team member.

Impact of a Positive Onboarding Experience

Solid new employee onboarding programs will have a positive impact your business’s bottom line. It will help an organization attract and retain the best talent and empowers the HR team to focus on finding, recruiting, and securing the best talent for the company.

  • Retention: Companies that excel in onboarding achieved a 91 percent new employee retention rate.
  • Recruitment: Word will spread to potential employees that your company has an engaging and welcoming onboarding experience, providing your company an edge in recruitment.
  • Performance: Effective onboarding processes boosts employee engagement. Highly engaged employees rank their companies 12 to 34 percent higher in customer satisfaction reviews and ratings.
  • Empowerment: New technology will help HR teams stop collecting paperwork and start creating a better onboarding experience.
  • Repercussion: A company’s reputation can be made by new employees sharing the positive aspects of their onboarding experiences on job boards and social media.

Onboarding 101

It is very important to have your new employee start off on the right foot. The Aberdeen Group reported in a study that 66 percent of companies with onboarding programs claimed a higher rate of successful assimilation into company culture. There are some easy to implement tips to create an effective onboarding process.

Create a Warm Welcome: Assign someone to meet the new employee on their first day, give them a tour, introduce them to the other team members, and arrange a team lunch. This person could be the new employee’s manager or a mentor that has been designated to help in the training process.

Provide the Proper Tools: Each job will have specific tools that will be needed from the new employee from a laptop to a hard hat. Make sure that they are provided the tools that they need to do their job on their first day.

Automate Forms: Send the new employee benefit, automatic payroll deposit and required employment forms, such as W4 or Form I-9, so they can fill them out before the first day on the job.

Meet the Team: Schedule one-on-one meetings with key team and management on the first day. This allows the new employee to learn about their new co-workers as well as their roles within the company.

Company Goals: Share the company goals and how the new employee will help impact these goals. Give the new employee meaningful work to do on their first day and show how this will in turn affect the company’s goals.

One-on-Ones: Schedule regular meetings over the first six months of employment to make sure the new employee is thriving in their new role.

Sterling Onboarding Platform

Having the right unified online HR system will help companies streamline and improve the onboarding experience. Sterling’ secure onboarding platform will help HR departments personally connect with new hires without sacrificing company standards. The platforms allows new hires to complete and sign forms, such as the Form I-9 or W-4, review the employee handbook, learn about company benefits and learn about company branding and culture in one place. With the right onboarding program provided by Sterling, HR teams can be freed up to focus on people-oriented tasks, ensures compliance and electronically manages all required hiring forms and creates a consistent, error-free process.

Learn more about how to transform your company’s onboarding process from a cumbersome paper-laden process to one that engages top talent from the beginning in our eBook, Your Complete Guide to Onboarding From Decision to Day One.

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