August 24th, 2016 | Sterling

Sterling Supports 2016 Candidate Experience Awards as Global Platinum Sponsor

Sterling Supports 2016 Candidate Experience Awards as Global Platinum Sponsor

The candidate experience is increasingly becoming one of the hottest topics in the world of human capital management. It is the first impression a company leaves on an employee, and if done poorly, can cause the candidate to withdraw from the hiring process completely or leave the company shortly after starting. If done correctly, it can increase the candidate’s loyalty to the company, willingness to stay and overall job satisfaction.

We are excited to share that Talent Board, a non-profit organisation focused on the promotion and data benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, today announced that Sterling is a Global Platinum Sponsor of the 2016 Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards.

“Faced with growing talent gaps and skills shortages, companies around the world recognize the need to enhance their candidate experience to better engage talent from the beginning,” said Gerry Crispin, Talent Board co-founder and CareerXroads principal and co-founder. “Through its advanced background screening and on-boarding solutions, Sterling helps companies improve a crucial step of the hiring process, helping them make informed decisions about their talent faster and, thus, elevating the candidate experience. We are pleased to work with Sterling to recognize additional tools and strategies that can further enhance how employers attract and engage talent, and hire the best candidates much more quickly.”

As a platinum sponsor, we will play a key role in supporting the North American, EMEA and APAC regions, helping to raise awareness of the need for an enhanced candidate experience and celebrate the companies that get it right.

Both organisations share a common goal of helping employers around the world improve their recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes. As such, we are thrilled to support the global CandE Award programs and help employers understand what it takes to deliver an exemplary candidate experience.

The CandE Awards programs continue to grow each year, with the 2015 programs attracting more than 200 participating companies and garnering feedback from over 130,000 of their actual job candidates. The 2016 CandE Awards programs promise to be even bigger, as more organisations seek to benchmark their current candidate experience practices and learn how they can be improved. More information about the 2016 Candidate Experience Awards can be accessed here, while the full press release can be read here.

In addition, we recently discussed the importance of the candidate experience from the job application to day one while at SHRM with candidate experience experts Gerry Crispin and Craig Fisher. This exclusive podcast discusses how to improve communication during the hiring process, measure your recruitment team based on the overall candidate experience and much more. Click below to give it a listen!

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