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August 25th, 2016 | Sterling

Sterling Earns Spot on Workforce Management’s Hot List of Background Screening Providers

Sterling  Earn Spot on Hot List

We are proud to announce that Sterling has been listed on Workforce Management’s Hot List of Background Screening providers for 2016.

Workforce, the largest integrated media company service the human capital, management and workforce development industries, recently published an article, “The Increasingly Important Role of Screening in Recruiting,” exploring what employers are seeking from their background screening company. According to the article, “candidate experience and automated data capture top the list of things employers want from background checking vendors, but not at the expense of compliance risks.”

With HR departments taking on more responsibilities and with a competition for talent on the rise, there are serious concerns among companies about providing the best candidate experience, while maintaining compliance throughout the hiring cycle. According to the article:

Recruiters are also facing increased pressure to fill more roles faster as 3 out of 4 companies plan to increase hiring. “With hiring on the rise, there is always a time challenge,” said Clare Hart, CEO of Sterling, a background-checking provider. “The war for talent has enabled people with skills to change jobs more frequently, which is creating anxiety for recruiters tasked with filling those roles.”

Not only are recruiters worrying about filling the roles, they are also concerned with compliance on a global scale. In fact, the issue has become so important that we continue to acquire companies in order to grow our global footprint and keep up with the industry demands. And this is just the beginning, said Clare Hart. “The industry is definitely consolidating, and we will continue to make future acquisitions as opportunities arise.”

As stated in the article, “Hart said that the consolidation trend is being driven by demands for better, faster and cheaper screening. ‘You gain advantages with scale,’ she said, arguing that larger firms have the talent and resources to upgrade their platforms and provide a global service to meet the needs of international customers.”

While the industry is constantly changing, we are always enhancing our product to keep up with the evolving demands of our customers. As the topic of the candidate experience continues to be on the rise, we’d like to share our latest podcast exploring how to create an exceptional candidate experience, including how to improve communication during the onboarding process and optimize the experience to avoid application fatigue and drop-off.

How's Your Hiring Process Podcast

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