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December 17th, 2015 | Sterling

SterlingBackcheck’s Top 10 HR & Compliance Resources of 2015


It was a busy year in background screening and at SterlingBackcheck, we always strive to cover topics that matter most to you, our readers. As 2015 comes to a close and we embark on a new chapter and a new year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the past 12 months and highlight the background screening topics that really generated a buzz among HR and Compliance professionals. In 2015, we published countless blog posts and infographics, hosted multiple webinars, and released our exclusive Background Screening Trends & Best Practices Report to help keep everyone engaged and informed.

Here’s a recap of our best and most popular resources of 2015:

  1. Verify Employment and Education in Hours, not Days (Blog Post)

    This blog post discusses traditional methods for verifying employment vs. automated methods and how these reduce average turnaround times.

  2. 3 Tips for a Faster Background Check (Blog Post)

    This blog post identifies contributing factors to lengthy turnaround times and provides tips to avoid these.

  3. Lies on a Resume: Background Checks Revealed (Infographic)

    This infographic identifies areas of the resume where background checks could expose the truth about candidate claims.

  4. Criminal Record Checks: Why Do They Take So Long? (Webinar)

    In this webinar we’ll help you better understand the criminal record check process by addressing why some criminal record checks take longer than others, what you can do to help speed up the process and which criminal searches are critical to keeping your workplace safe.

  5. SterlingBackcheck Answers Your Top 10 Questions About Form I-9 (Blog Post)

    If you find the Form I-9 process and regulations around it a little hazy, rest assured you’re not alone. This blog post answers the top 10 questions we receive about the I-9 process and provides tips on how to prevent penalties in the event that you’re audited.

  6. I-9 Audits: Why You Should Be Worried Now (Webinar)

    I-9 audits can hit any organization at any time. Learn the risks and tips on how to stay compliant in this webinar.

  7. Strengthen Your Drug Screening Program. Safeguard Your Workplace. (Infographic)

    This infographic discusses the importance of drug testing and highlights the HHS Drug Testing Profile.

  8. Danger in the Details: Form I-9 Mistakes That Can Cost You (White Paper)

    This white paper examines 5 cases of I-9 violations and provides tips to prevent employers from making the same mistakes.

  9. I-9 Audit Survival Guide: What You Need to Know About the Process, Preparation & Remediation (White Paper)

    This survival guide highlights recent costly I-9 violation cases, explains the Notice of Inspection (NOI) process, how to prepare for an I-9 Audit (both paper and electronic-based), as well as what to do after an I-9 audit.

  10. HR in the Stoned Age: The ABCs of Pre- and Post-Hire Drug Testing (Webinar)

    In this webinar, we help you better understand the benefits of a complete drug testing program by addressing how federally-mandated guidelines can help you administer an effective non-DOT workplace testing program, key components of federally-mandated testing requirements, and the impact the federal testing panel is having on identifying substance abuse in the workplace.

There you have it – the 10 best, most popular SterlingBackcheck thought leadership resources from this past year. We look forward to providing more great resources for HR and Compliance communities in 2016 and wish all of our readers the very best in the new year!

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