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April 8th, 2015 | Sterling

Is Your Company at Risk? 4 Cases of Unconventional Employee Theft.

4 Cases of Unconventional Employee Theft | SterlingBackcheck

Sometimes employee theft can seem to be synonymous with the retail industry, but it affects far more employers than you might think. Occupational fraud and theft affects companies of all sizes and all industries. According to the most recent Global Fraud Study conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, global fraud loss is pegged at almost $3.7 trillion annually.

If you think that only retailers need to be concerned about employee theft, think again. These four unconventional fraudsters have recently been busted for biting the hand that feeds them.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire… Caught Stealing Copper Wire?

An energy company has fired a former employee for stealing upwards of $32,000 in copper wire from a secured storage yard. A private investigation revealed that the employee used his company credentials to gain access to the secured facility after hours. The former employee has since been charged with two counts of first-degree theft.

Postal Worker Lives the High Life Using Stolen Mail

Your mother always told you not to send cash in the mail. A postal worker in Texas may have just proved your mother right. He pleaded guilty to stealing gift cards and cash out of 300 pieces of mail in order to fund his drug habit. He has been sentenced to over a year in federal prison and ordered to pay back over $1,400 in restitution. If you happen to live in Dumas, Texas and a birthday card that went MIA has caused a rift between you and a loved one, you may want to take this opportunity and patch things up.

University Employee Racks Up $100K in Unauthorized Purchases

A former employee of a New Jersey university has been busted for allegedly charging more than $100,000 in personal purchases to his university credit card. The former employee has been charged with second degree theft by deception. His personal charges included clothing, restaurant dining, and other personal lifestyle items.

Pharmacy Employee Caught Pilfering Pills

Roughly 3,000 Hydrocodone pills went missing from a Florida pharmacy and an employee has been arrested in connection with the case. The theft was investigated by an internal asset protection officer and traced back to a pharmacy employee who allegedly lifted the pills over the course of five months. The employee was caught on camera entering the store before opening and leaving with the pills.

These cases are not out of the ordinary. Every day employers face the challenge of identifying, preventing, and mitigating the risk of internal theft, including significant reputational damage when the stories hit the media wires. Many employers conduct pre-employment background checks to weed out potential thieves to protect their organizations before they can be hired, but the investigation often stops there. Employee monitoring services help employers continually screen their workforce for any criminal activity that may be relevant to their employment.

Employers should re-screen their workforce regularly to identify criminal activity that may impact performance and safety on the job. (Tweet This) For greater security, employers can opt for real-time monitoring services which alert them to any arrests as they happen and enable them to take appropriate action.

It’s no longer just about knowing who you’re hiring, but also knowing who’s currently on your employee payroll.

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